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WIlliam O'Neal and Roy MItchell - Jacobin, April 2024

Newly Obtained Document on the Killing of Fred Hampton w/Conor Gallagher (Jacobin 3/2/2021)

How and Why Fred Hampton Was Murdered w/Conor Gallagher (3/31/2021)

Infiltrating the Left - Interview with Micah Urthrich

Dear Comrade, Follow the Feds (excerpt from A Threat of the First Magnitude)

 Richard J. Evans on Fascism, Today's Right, and Historical Truth 

Lawrence Gellert, Black Musical Protest & White Denial: Interview w/ Steven Garabedian

Churchill, Stalin and the Legacy of the Grand Alliance: An Interview with Geoffrey Roberts

Who Did in the Countercof the Black Panther Party in Illinois

 The Horrible Secrets of Operation Paperclip: An Interview with Annie Jacobsen 

 Marc Lendler: Every Idea an Incitement

 Stalin's General: The Life of Georgy Zhukov: An Interview with Geoffrey Roberts

Richard J. Evans  The Third Reich in History

 Tacit Subjects: Belonging and Same-Sex Desire Among Dominican Immigrant Men

David Harvey's A Companion to Marx's Capital

  Geoffrey Roberts's "Molotov: Stalin's Cold Warrior

Blackburn: Unfinished Revolution: Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln

 James Bradley: The Imperial Cruise

Dean King: Unbound

 Bertell Ollman: Dialectics for the New Century

 Philip Pomper: Lenin's Brother

 Margaret Macmillan:  Dangerous Games: The Uses and Abuses of History 

Tristram Hunt:  Marx's General: The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels 

Peter Richardson: A Bomb in Every Issue

 Kevin Starr: California in an Age of Abundance, 1950-1963 

 Norman Finkelstein: This Time We Went Too Far

 Andrew Bacevich: The Limits of Power and the End of American Exceptionalism

 Geoffrey Roberts: Stalin's Wars: From World War to Cold War 1939-1953 

Newly Uncovered Documents Reveal the FBI’s Campaign Against Bob Dylan

Rich Men North of Richmond—Populist Anthem Lost in Its Own Grievance

The FBI & Coretta Scott King FBI Tracking of Bob Dylan & Suze Rotolo

 Illusions of Justice in the Impeachment Process

 Dont Let Robert Mueller Restore Your Faith in the FBI

Why the FBI Used Kid Gloves on Brett Kavanaugh

Newly Released FBI Files Show Red-Baiting of Woody Guthrie

Newly Unearthed FBI File Exposes Targeting of Folksinger Dave Van Ronk

 Despite Its Trump Probe, The FBI is No Friend To Justice

 The FBI's Failed Plan to Make Black Activist James Forman an Informant

The FBI and the Shattering of Students for Democratic Society

 Americas Secret Police

 Whats Missing Inside Llewyan Davis?

The Bureau and the Journalist: Victor Riesels Secret Relationship with the FBI

 The FBI Informant File of Sheila Louise OConnor

 TJ English and the Political Economy of Crime

 Awful Managers - Chavez, the Dominican Republic, & Global Capitalism

 The Hollow Glory of Zero Dark Thirty

 Lincoln: The Underbelly of the Democratic Process

 Author of "Pity the Billionaire" Maps Our Ideological Fantasy World 

 Thomas Friedman: Imperial Messenger: Interview with Belen Fernandez 

Capitalism Must Die - Interview with Cartoonist Stephanie McMillan

Surveillance, empire and the future  Glenn Greenwalds No Place to Hide Profiting Without Producing' stands to restrain finance and fight for socialism - Interview with Costas Lapavitsas

 Disassembly Required  Discussing modern capitalism from economics 101 to neoliberalism  An interview with Geoff Mann

 Singing songs for the people: James Connolly comes to life in a new book of revolutionary songs --An interview with Mat Callahan 

 Dragging secrets into daylight: An interview with Eveline Lubbers

Leo Panitch & Sam Gindin: The Making of Global Capitalism

        Part I: The Nature of the Beast

        Part II: The Role of the State

        Part III: An Uncertain Future

 Capitalism, the infernal machine: An interview with Fredric Jameson

 New York Minutes: Observations and aims in Occupy Wall Street

 A conversation about Occupy Wall Street: 'Making the impossible seem possible

 Occupy political change. Report from Communism: A New Beginning?

 David Harvey: Taking back the streets for anti-capitalist struggles

 Finkelstein: This Time We Went Too Far ( Norman Finkelstein: The Golstone Recantation

Tariq Ali: The Idea of Communism

 Lateral Thoughts: Some Overlooked Basic Principles

 Neil deGrasse Tyson makes the case for space exploration

 Michio Kaku: Physics of the Future 

 Review of Frank Dikötter, Maos Great Famine

 Review Essay: Twilight Saga of the American Empire?

 In Trujillos Wake 

Capitalism is Working Just Fine Thats the Problem

Other Writings

 Gina Welch:  In The Land of Believers (Killing the Buddha)

 Interview with Damien Corsetti  US Army Interrogator: Bagram   & Abu Ghraib (Washington Square News)